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Say goodbye to the daily grind of chasing leads and struggling to keep up with your business. You’ve got enough on your plate! It's time to boost your sales, simplify your process, and make life easier with a seamless sales funnel strategy.

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Automate Your Way to Success

You’re here because you are a passionate entrepreneur with a big purpose in life. You have a mission-driven online business and you’re ready to see it flourish, but the long hours you’re dedicating to it are taking a toll. Burnout is the last thing you want, and automation is one of the best ways to start earning money while you sleep.

Interested? Keep reading to discover how  you can grow your business with sales funnels. 

Save Time & Sell on Autopilot  

Implementing sales funnels can be a game-changer whether you want to grow your email list, have an online course to sell, or are ready to scale your business. By automating your sales process, you can streamline customer interactions, nurture leads more efficiently, and focus on delivering your core services.  

With Targeted Funnel Strategies, you can:

  • Grow your email list without spending much time on social media or using paid ads
  • Sell your online courses without stressful and constant launching
  • Scale your business and get to the next level with clear and targeted strategies 
  • Focus on what's important in your business instead of experiencing burnout and exhaustion. 
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Lead Generation & Funnel Design Services

No time to do it on your own? Focusing on understanding your offer and your target audience, we craft customized funnels that drive the highest engagement and conversions. 

From designing seamless landing pages to implementing automated email sequences, we help you elevate your business that works for you on autopilot. 

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Brand Audit

The Brand Audit is tailor-made for small brands and service-based businesses looking to supercharge their online presence, without adding hours of extra work to their to-do list. From digital strategy and content creation to advertising, email marketing, and social media, I’ve got you covered.

What's the goal? To keep tabs on your business performance, understand how your customers perceive your brand, and fine-tune your strategy accordingly.

With the Brand Audit, you can:

  • Identify your business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Troubleshoot your challenges with strategic solutions.
  • Align your products and services with your audience's expectations.
  • Fine-tune your brand perception to better serve your market.
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1:1 Mentorship

Want a guiding hand in managing your online business? 1:1 mentorship will give you the step-by-step support you need. Learn how to create a killer digital marketing strategy, streamline your operations, and build your brand with confidence.

I’ll help you uncover your own personal style for brand building, storytelling, social media strategy, content management, and email marketing – all catered to your business and lifestyle.

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Self-Paced Online Programs

As a small business owner, you should know the ins and outs of your business, even when outsourcing tasks. These online programs are designed with your needs in mind, offering bite-sized classes, clear instructions, and actionable tasks to boost your confidence and business growth.

Learn how to:

  • Establish a strong online presence.
  • Maintain brand awareness.
  • Nurture your community.
  • Generate leads.
  • Increase sales.
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Let's start building your thriving online business today!

Hi, I'm EJ

It’s my belief that you get to have it all. The thriving business with a fulfilling personal life. You get to spend time with your kids, go for afternoon walks whenever you want, and make more money than at a 5-9 corporate job. But I see so many female entrepreneurs struggling to find that balance.

Enter: Funnels. Systems. Automations. I help online business owners just like you find balance in their life, and ultimately, more freedom and joy in their day-to-day by teaching them how to build sales funnels. 

After working a corporate job for years, I wanted a career that could fit around my lifestyle as a mother rather than the other way around. I decided to start my own digital marketing business and it was the best decision I ever made!

My mission is to help busy online entrepreneurs build systems and strategies to grow their businesses so they can focus on doing what they love without stress and overwhelm.

Ready to work less, make more, and have a bigger impact?

Then it’s time to cut the busy work and focus on being the visionary. 

And having a well thought-out and effective funnel is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. 

When your message and offer gets in front of the right people at the right time, that’s when you start going from crickets to sold-out.

Imagine having extra hours to take that yoga class, or free weekends for family adventures. It’s all possible with the right systems.

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Rita E. 

"In only 4 weeks, my business went from struggling to sell a program to selling up to 5-10 every week. And the best part is that I set it up once, and now it all works on autopilot.”

Brenda H.

“I just had my best month ever! Going from feeling overworked and burned out to selling on autopilot is life changing!! Thank you, EJ for helping with my new sales system.”

Sue Y.

"I've implemented my first sales funnel in my business, and it has been a game-changer. Within two months, I saw a significant increase in conversions and sales."

Who do I work with?

I work with a diverse range of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups. From coaching to education, arts & crafts to recruitment, leadership to wellbeing (yoga, fitness), I'm here to help you build high-converting and effective funnels that reach the right people at the right time and turn fans into long-term clients and customers.

Whether your goal is to work less and earn more, financial freedom, or more flexible schedule, we help you create the perfect system to bring it all together without you doing all the heavy lifting. Your custom funnels will bring in continuous leads and sales, all while you get to spend more time on the things that light you up. 

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