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I am helping small business owners and startups to build an effective social media strategy, write an engaging brand story and create content with clear strategy and purpose around their products and services.

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Ready to Level Up How Your Brand

Shows Up Online?

I offer brand audits, business mentorship programs with accountability sessions, social media, and content management services to support business owners and help their brands thrive online.


Brand Audit

The Brand Audit service is designed for existing small brands to help guide their business development – from digital strategy to content planning and creation, advertisement, email marketing and social media strategy and content.

The purpose of a brand audit is to monitor your business performance and track how your customers see your brand. Through Brand Audit, you can ensure that your brand is aligned with your target audience.

Brand Audit offers you the following benefits:

  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your business and, through gaining clarity, determine the correct positioning of your business.
  • Troubleshoot your challenges and create corrective strategies.
  • Align your products and services more accurately with the expectations of your target audience and existing customers
  • Understand your brand’s and your business’ positive and negative perceptions and how to make adjustments to serve your market better.
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Get step-by-step help in starting and managing your online business. Learn how to create your digital marketing strategy, implement processes and systems to build or improve your operations. Receive clear guidance on brand building, storytelling, social media strategy, content management, and email marketing.

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I believe that small business owners should know how their business is run, even when they out-contract some of the tasks. My online programs are created with the needs of small business owners in mind. I offer bite-size classes, clear instructions and actionable tasks so that you can feel more confident growing your business. Learn how to build a solid online presence, create and maintain brand awareness, nurture your community, generate leads, and ultimately ring in more sales.

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Social Media Management

Applying the best digital marketing strategies tailored to your business. From creating your brand story and messaging to sales funnels and beyond, I support you with a solid social media strategy, strategic planning and precise data tracking.

I create engaging content and grow your audience across your social channels, including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. I nourish and grow your community with active conversations and a strong presence.

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Let’s transform your life! Work with me!

Hey there! My name is EJ, and I’ve spent over eight years creating and managing online businesses – working with entrepreneurs, startups, and small to big-size brands across the globe.

I live and breathe marketing, and my professional background is diverse: I have an MBA, and I’ve studied digital strategy at a program by MIT and Columbia University; I’ve worked in corporate roles; and I’ve worked as a freelancer for an array of clients – including Stanford Research Park, Tawkify, and a handful of brands in various industries including medical tech, bitcoin, retail and mental wellbeing.

Six years ago, when I began working with smaller brands to provide digital marketing services, I realized this was what I love to do: I am passionate about connecting with brand owners and being part of their growth and journey. It feels incredible to coach my clients through the best ways to manage their businesses, consult on the day-to-day and the bigger picture, and see them grow and succeed.

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I know how important a friendly, personalized approach can be when it comes to creative strategy, which is why I take the time to get to know your business and your goals as we work together.

Working with me means you can expect timely communication, a hands-on approach and attention to every last detail, whether that’s building your strategy, content management or social media services.


Tara Rieves

I booked EJ’s brand audit services, and it was life-changing. I learned about my target audience and how to connect with them the best way on each social media channel I use. Now I understand how to create my campaigns, tell my brand story, and lead my target clients through my sales funnel from readers to becoming paying customers.

Jenny Tarrington

I had a business idea for a very long time, and I did not know how to start. I needed help with various parts of my business. EJ led me through a digital plan step by step, from creating my branding, telling my story, and presenting my services. I always had clarity and felt confident and supported on my journey of entrepreneurship.

Ashley Petersen

I was struggling in a 9-5 job that I hated. I wanted to set up my own company and work from home so that I can be part of my kid’s lives while I am also earning an income. I was scared to start, and EJ helped me transition from a full-time employee to a full-time entrepreneur, making more money from my living room than when I had worked for someone else.


What businesses do I work with?

I work with a diverse range of mostly female (and some male) entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups – from retail, education, arts & crafts, recruitment, leadership coaching, and wellbeing (yoga, fitness) brands.

You might be looking to launch your business to change your lifestyle, or you might want to create a more flexible schedule so that you can work from home. Whatever the source of your inspiration, I am here to help you build your brand – create brand awareness, increase visibility with your target audience, and help you continuously generate sales through effective strategies.



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