11 Best Facebook Marketing Tips For Business Owners

facebook social media Aug 10, 2021

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Facebook marketing can be highly beneficial to a business looking to succeed in 2021.

2.4 billion people use the platform every month – yes, billion. So if you’re using Facebook for your business but not optimizing your Facebook presence, you’re missing out on reaching a vast audience. While Facebook is not a magic solution for any business, if this social media channel fits yours, you can certainly benefit from the below suggestions.


Best Facebook Marketing Tips

  • Use Automatic Placements Most of the Time 

  • Take Full Advantage of the Facebook Pixel 

  • Target Your Hyper-Responsive Prospects with Custom Audiences

  • Build a Facebook group

  • Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences

  • Get Specific With Your Facebook Retargeting Campaigns 

  • Don’t forget about Facebook page likes

  • Take Advantage of Campaign Budget Optimization 

  • Use Facebook to Build an Email List

  • Offer Something People Actually Want

  • Use The Right Ad Objectives


1. Use Automatic Placements Most Of The Time

Facebook offers many different choices for ad placements when you advertise on the platform. Currently, there are 15 options. Ad placement is where your ad is displayed.

When creating an ad, you can either choose your own placement from the 15 options given or the “Automatic placement” option. Facebook recommends using Automatic, and in most cases, I would agree. The platform uses advanced algorithms to determine which placement type performs the best and will be most successful for your brand.

However, in some cases, you may want to edit placements to ensure the best results. For instance, if your objective is simply traffic, the “feeds and stories” placement is a good option.


2. Take Full Advantage Of The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel allows advertisers to track conversions from Facebook ads and remarket to those who have already taken some action on your website. It’s a code placed on your website and will give you valuable insight into your current and potential audience.


3. Target Your Hyper-Responsive Prospects With Custom Audiences

The Facebook custom audience feature allows advertisers to target people based on their engagement with your Facebook page. This means that you can segment and build audiences based on the interactions people have had with your ads and page.

This is very important because engaged users who are already aware of and interested in your brand almost always deliver better results than cold audiences.



4. Build A Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a great place for your fans/audience to connect with your brand and other readers that love your brand. It’s a place for discussions, rallying around common causes, learning about your product or service, or getting access to exclusive knowledge.

Research from Facebook reports that groups are getting a lot more engagement than pages. The best part is that it’s free. You get a lot more exposure without the need to advertise because group members can start conversations more seamlessly.


5. Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are one of the best ways to reach new people on Facebook. It’s a feature that finds users whose interests and demographics are similar to those of your existing followers. In other words, it’s a way to reach cold audiences based on people who already love your brand. This is an incredibly effective way to find new customers.


6. Get Specific With Your Retargeting Campaigns

Customers rarely go to a website and make a purchase on their first visit, which is why retargeting campaigns can be so effective. The idea is to target people that have already shown an interest in your brand. Facebook offers a variety of retargeting options, and it’s a great way to reach an already responsive audience.


7. Don’t Forget About Facebook Page Likes

Facebook page likes aren’t as valuable as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about it. It’s all about looking the part – you want to look like a professional and established business.

Think about it. If you land on a Facebook page with only a few hundred likes, you will probably think it’s a small, fly-by-night business. Of course, that’s not necessarily the case, but it certainly looks that way. Facebook likes may also help with engagement since people who click the like button are more likely to engage with content.


8. Take Advantage Of Campaign Budget Optimization

The Campaign Budget Optimization (CPO) feature allows advertisers to redistribute their budget to the best performing audience automatically. Essentially, not all ad sets will spend the same, which is in the best interest of your campaign because the budget is allocated to the best performing ad sets.


9. Use Facebook To Build An Email List

Email lists are a gold mine in the marketing world. It means that you can advertise/market to your target audience on an ongoing basis for free. Facebook groups are a great way to build up your subscriber list.


10. Offer Something People Actually Want

If your Facebook ads aren’t converting readers into customers, then perhaps they don’t like what you’re offering. Customers want something of value. You need to learn how to connect with your audience and offer them something they want – perhaps a discount or freebie.


11. Use The Right Ad Objective

There are 13 different ad objectives to choose from, and you need to be sure that you select the right one. An ad objective is exactly what it sounds like – it’s what you want to achieve with a specific ad campaign. Whether it’s brand awareness, link clicks, or lead generation, Facebook helps optimize your ads for the results you are looking to get.



It feels like everybody is using Facebook. It is intuitive, and easy to use when it comes to keeping in touch with your friends and family. However, when it comes to conducting business on Facebook, things are more complicated. Understanding what moves the needle in your business is pivotal to your success.

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Let me know if you need help with your digital strategy, and I will be happy to help.