How To Choose The Best Social Media Management Software

content marketing social media Nov 02, 2021

Social media management software saves time, helps you be more strategic and enables strong analytics on performance. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube reach millions of users every day, making them extremely effective marketing tools.

The key is to implement a marketing strategy that incorporates multiple platforms to ensure your business has a cohesive social media presence. This will ensure that you have access to potential customers where they’re at.

Since managing multiple social media accounts is no easy task – it requires a great deal of time and effort – various tools and software have been developed to help streamline the process. These programs can help manage your content strategy, save you time, and even ensure your post reaches the right people at the right time.


The Best Social Media Management Software


Social media management software is a suite of tools designed to make it easier for users to manage their social media accounts and marketing strategy. These software allow businesses to integrate multiple social media accounts, manage, track, and analyze interactions from one dashboard. It has multi-account capabilities and typically allows for real-time and automated posting to multiple channels. For instance, the same content can be published on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a single click.


Here Are The Main Objectives Of Social Media Management Software:

● Allow users to plan out posts easily
● Schedules posts in advance
● Enables automated posting
● Measures the success of campaigns


Why Use Social Media Management Software?

A social media management software can help simplify the process of creating and scheduling content on multiple social media platforms. There are a number of social media channels out there, and the process of posting to all can become time-consuming. When you’re spending all your time and effort every day logging into each account, writing a post for each, and scheduling posts as needed, there will be no time left for other tasks. 


A few of the ways that social media management software could help:

● Simplify content management: Social media management software that includes a content calendar can help improve organization and ensure posts are published on time and according to schedule. It also helps save time.

● Improve consistency: Since posts can be scheduled in advance, this type of software ensures that you have a constant presence on social media. Plus, planning content out for the next week or even month allows social channels to be consistent. For instance, certain days can stick to a specific theme, such as Motivation Monday.

● Gain more insight into customer behaviour: To produce quality content, you need to gain a deeper understanding of what your customers want to see. A social media management software helps users monitor engagement by analyzing and simplifying data into quantifiable and tangible insights to help you understand what content your audience responds to best.

● Analyze results: One of the best ways to improve marketing efforts is through trial and error. Most social media management software provides access to analytical data, allowing users to test different types of content, formats, timing, etc., and see what delivers the best results.


What To Look For In Social Media Management Software

When searching for the best social media management software, there are several key features that you should pay attention to. Keep in mind that depending on the type of business you run, you may have different needs. But here are a few of the things that this type of software should be able to do.


Multi-Channel Publishing

Perhaps most importantly, social media management should allow users to manage multiple social accounts and profiles. This will enable you to consolidate accounts across various platforms into one centralized location where information is displayed on a single dashboard. Plus, you will be able to post to one or many accounts.


Post Scheduling

By planning ahead, you can ensure you post the type of content necessary to succeed. Social media management software should allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, making it easier to visualize what you will be posting and align it with your goals. Plus, it improves organization and is a lot more efficient than having to post everything manually.


Automated Scheduling

The best social media management software should eliminate the needs to spend a lot of time on repetitive administrative tasks, such as logging into multiple accounts and posting content. Once posts have been scheduled, they should be posted automatically at a set date and time.


Manage Customer Relationships

Engagement is an essential part of the social media marketing strategy. Every customer is unique, and you should treat them accordingly. Rather than using generic responses, you should be personalizing every experience. The best social media management software will incorporate tools that keep track about your interactions with and stores your conversation history. This ensures that every team member is informed about how to respond to specific followers.


Analytics And Reporting

You should be able to export reports on the data that has been collected from your campaigns. The best social media management software will provide you with analytics that can be shared with your team or clients and be used to improve your social media marketing strategy.


Tools We Love

  • Later is our favourite Instagram marketing platform. You can plan, analyse, and publish your content in just a few clicks. It is a very visual and intuitive tool; you never have to second-guess where to find your images or how to optimise your post. You can simply drag-and-drop your content in to Later and afterwards to the time slot and day you want your content published.
  • Later shows you your unique Best Time to Post, and you can also schedule in batches to save time. We especially love the analytics that gives a clear view of your post and hashtag performance, and you can also track the content you are tagged in. 
  • We are using Loomly for LinkedIn and Facebook, and Twitter scheduling for quite a while, and it is easy to use, hassle-free and intuitive. Its key features include automated publishing, keyword filtering, multi-account management, post scheduling and marketing analytics.
  • Canva: while I don't use Canva for scheduling posts (although you can!), it is one of the single most useful tool for creating beautiful social media posts easily and quickly without any design skills. I've used Photoshop and Illustrator for years, and now I only use those when I have to create detailed high resolution designs from scratch. All my social media content work is done in Canva. 

If you are starting out and looking for an affordable scheduling platform option, look no further, you’ve found the tool to use.



There are tons of social media management software options out there, and it’s all about finding one that best fits your business needs. We suggest checking out as many free trials as you can and choosing the software that is right for your requirements and budget. Social media management software has the power to improve your performance, and it’s an essential part of a business’s overall marketing strategy.

Are you ready with your social media scheduling setup and not sure what to post next? Go, and check out our recent article about How to come up with content ideas for social media. If you need help with content writing for your blog or social media, reach out to us, and our team will be happy to help.