Is Kajabi Worth it? 4 Reasons I Moved to Kajabi

course creation kajabi Dec 09, 2021

Are you ready to share your expertise and skills with the world and create your first online course? Choosing a course hosting platform is a big decision that you can't take lightly. There are many good options on the market to choose from. I tested various brands such as Kartra, Thinkific, Samscart, and in the end, I picked Kajabi. It was one of the best decisions I made on my course creator journey! Read on to find out why! 


Is Kajabi Worth it? 


First and foremost, everyone cares about the overall cost of service and the value received for the price. I'm no different. While Kajabi isn’t as cheap as other online course platforms, it is still reasonably priced with several packages to choose from. So, just about anyone can find it in their budget to create a Kajabi course.

However, there’s one big bonus you get for paying that heftier price tag: Your sales are yours. With many other platforms, you lose a portion of every sale you make. That’s how other platforms make their money despite hosting courses for such budget-friendly prices. By keeping the full value of each sale, you quickly make up for the higher price, and it’s far easier to make a profit each month.


Everything is in One Place

With platforms I’ve tried previously, there were always things that required third-party sites or other inconvenient workarounds to get every material possible into a course. That’s not the case with Kajabi. Every form of media, from text to video and audio, can be hosted in one convenient spot.

This makes it easier to maintain your course and update it frequently, and it provides a much higher value for your students since they don’t have to bounce between platforms or look elsewhere to get the most out of your course.


Marketing Made Easy

Marketing is often the hardest part of creating a course, and most platforms leave you high and dry when it comes to marketing help. Not Kajabi.

When you create your course, you get unparalleled access to high-quality marketing features such as templates, automated promotional offerings, and so much more to get the word out about your course.  

This takes out a huge part of the hassle that comes with marketing, and you can focus on your content rather than focusing on purely trial and error marketing methods. Of course, you still have to test different methods, but it’s so much easier to do when everything can be changed in a matter of clicks. Not to mention, giveaways, sales, and price fluctuations are made easy; making it a breeze to drum up a following and find your ideal price point.


Site Creation is Simple

A lot of other platforms do not have intuitive creation tools, and if you go about it yourself, I hope you have a web design degree; the process is usually painstakingly difficult. However, Kajabi has made it extremely easy for me to create my course, and I am by no means a tech professional. If I can do it, anyone can. I actually decided to move away from my previously WordPress-hosted website, and now my whole website is hosted by Kajabi, and I love it. I did not have to make any compromises regarding the website's design, and I can make further changes and adjustments whenever I want to. I do not need to hire a professional, I don't need to have any coding skills, and it is just all very easy. 


Kajabi is Worth it

As you can tell from my review, Kajabi has impressed me. I’m currently making my first course on the platform, and it has been so much easier to work with than any other platform I’ve tried. If you’re interested in creating a course and expanding your solopreneur business, give Kajabi a try. I bet you’ll love it just as much as I do.

If you found this article helpful in getting you closer to a decision in choosing your course hosting platform, feel free to share it with others! If you are not ready to start creating your own online course, check out this recent article about the Top Benefits of Running Your Online Business