How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm?

instagram social media Aug 03, 2021

If Instagram is part of your business strategy, I bet you are obsessed with the changes of the algorithm…

The use of an algorithm on social media is to prioritize the content the viewers should see first or offer content they would like to see. Similarly, an Instagram algorithm is also used for the same purpose, i.e., to provide people with content that they can relate to and would like to consume. So now comes the important question, is it possible to alter the Instagram algorithm? Secondly, do we have to be obsessed with following the changes in the algorithm?

Indeed, there are changes how Instagram support content creation and consumption, still until today, one of the best ways to “trick” the Instagram Algorithm is to let the algorithm work the way it has been working. Focus more on adding value, creating quality content and connecting with your audience instead of second-guessing what the artificial intelligence do in the background.


I’ve collected 8 useful strategies that you can follow to get an edge over the Instagram algorithm:


1.    Persistence Is The Key

2.    Share Photos And Videos During Peak Times

3.    Motivate People To Engage Regularly

4.    Adapt To The Instagram SEO

5.    Improve Your Hashtag Game

6.    Try Out New Instagram Features

7.    Be Consistent On Instagram Stories

8.    Use Instagram Reels For Authentic Sharing


Hack 1: Persistence Is The Key

The Instagram algorithm is something that keeps on changing every other day. If you are consistent in sharing videos and photos that are related to a your niche, it will be easier for Instagram to categorize your content. If you post regularly using hashtags and interacting with accounts that produce similar content like yours, then people who are interested in your niche will end up coming across your photos and videos as well on Explore.


Hack 2: Share Photos And Videos During Peak Times

Another very basic tip is to share your photos and videos at times when you know that your followers will be the most active. This way, you will get more likes, comments, shares, and saves on your post, which will boost the overall post engagement. It might be a little challenging to know when your audience will be active, and for that reason I recommend you to check out Later. Later is a social media scheduling platform that I love. As a social media manager, I’ve tried and tested everything out there, and Later is what has everything I need. I canplan, analyze, and publish all my content easily and with the various reports I can track the best time to post and my hashtag performance. You should also regularly interact with your target audience via DMs ( not the spammy ones…) to find out when they are the most active. You can put up polls asking your audience what the best time is to post.


Hack 3: Motivate People To Engage Regularly

As saves (!), likes and comments play an important part in beating the algorithm, make sure that you are working towards getting engagements. One of the easiest ways to increase engagement is to ask an interesting question at the end of your post or video that people will end up answering. You can also collaborate with other Instagram users to host a giveaway that will increase the likes, comments, and shares. Another way to increase engagement is to post educational content and share quick tips about topics your target audience is interested in. For example, if you are selling online yoga courses, share some quick stretching techniques that can be done at a desk, during working hours.


Hack 4: Adapt To The Instagram SEO

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is an essential tool that Instagram users use to access content according to their choice and interest. To make sure that your post ends up being a part of Instagram SEO, you can use specific keywords in your captions to attract attention. If your account is relatively new, I recommend using the 30 hashtags in your caption or as the first comment related to your post and niche. If you have an active account with a solid follower base, you can reduce your hashtag count to the 10-15 most important ones. In both cases, don’t forget to add a Location and tag some related pages whenever you can. Of course, without overdoing tagging. Nobody likes to be tagged in content that is not relevant or used for selling someone else’s products or services.


Hack 5: Improve Your Hashtag Game

While using 30 hashtags helps increase your post reach and engagement, make sure that you do not use random hashtags and do not make up hashtags of your own. If you use 30 hashtags, they should be related to your post and well suited to your target audience and location. Check out similar pages, see what hashtags they use, and add them to your content. Try avoiding banned hashtags and if you’re not aware, run a quick Google search. Don’t make assumptions about hashtags, go and check them. I often see it happening that people add hashtags that they think fits with the niche, but upon checking the specific hashtag, it is clear that the content has nothing to do with the target audience. For this reason, I always suggest checking the hashtags you are planning to use one by one. After all, if the hashtag is not a good match, your business won’t benefit from it.


Hack 6: Try Out New Instagram Features

As soon as Instagram introduces a new feature, it prioritizes it and keeps it at the top. Instead of shying away from new features, try them out as soon as possible as they will provide you with a good reach and engagement. Let’s take the example of the ‘stay at home’ sticker feature that was introduced during COVID. It would remain at the top for story viewers, and anyone who used that sticker would get more views on Instagram stories.


Hack 7: Be Consistent On Instagram Stories

Make your Instagram story fun and engaging instead of going forward with boring re-shares. Do a weekly quiz or poll with your audience, use entertaining and cute stickers, and communicate often with your audience via Instagram stories. You can add images, videos, ask questions and find creative ways to start a two-way communication. Monitor what gets the highest engagement and repeat the same method with similar content.


Hack 8: Use Instagram Reels For Authentic Sharing

The Instagram reel is the new hit feature that lets users create a 15-second video, and it is a serious and major growth hack for Instagram. As people love seeing short and funny 15 second videos on reels, it has received great feedback so far and helps create the right content. However, make sure that you do not use the Tiktok watermark and instead create original content right on the reel so that your content is not blurred and is given priority.



The above-mentioned tips will not only help you create the right and high-quality content but will also help you keep up with the Instagram algorithm and gain more engagement on your posts. Remember to always prioritize your audience whenever you create any content because they are the ones who will consume and appreciate it at the end of the day. Your key approach to social media content should always be quality over quantity.