How To Create Content For Social Media with High Impact

content marketing social media Dec 02, 2021
content strategy with high impact

Instead of hopping on your social media with the need of having to post something "right now", then moving on to dealing with other parts of your business, I recommend you to work in batches. Allocate a block of time for your social media planning, and create your next ten posts in one go.

This batch working approach will help you think strategically, create content that forms cohesive support for your brand efforts, and connect with your audiences way better. Not to talk about being able to create content with so much more ease and less effort. When you get into the flow of creation, the ideas and words will come easier.


Dedicate time for brainstorming, collecting images and writing captions and blog posts content. This efficient workflow will allow you to take a break from some of your tasks because instead of repeating the same thing daily or weekly, suddenly now you only have to do it once a month. You will not believe how much brain space this process may free up in your daily life and how much more productive you will feel! I certainly do...


Efficiency and Productivity 

First and foremost, if you are creating any content for your brand - such as blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, batch working is for you. You can dedicate a certain day to a specific type of work, but you can also focus on projects or specific content types.
For example, you can pick every second Tuesday of the month to create all your blog posts. Work on your social media content on Fridays, record your podcast or YouTube videos on Wednesdays and so on. There are no set rules here, and you can build a workflow that fits best your needs.
What will undoubtedly happen when you start working in batches is that you will become much more efficient, manage your time better, reduce anxiety, and feel more organised and strategic about your work.

Holistic Approach 

Batch working helps to plan your time, and when you do the planning, you know what is ahead of you tomorrow, next week, next month. This clarity will support you in feeling more prepared and confident in your work and how you show up to your tasks every day. You will also gain mental clarity through batch working, and it will enable you to see your business in a more wholesome and holistic way. Planning, analysis and understanding your content performance will become easier.

Identify your priorities

Start by outlining what types of work you have to do regularly in your business, such as podcast recording, blog posts, website SEO and social media posts. Next, check the regularity of daily, weekly monthly tasks and understand how much time, on average, these tasks take. (You will find that with batch working, your time spent on your tasks will be significantly reduced).

Add the most important tasks to your schedule first and decide what exactly you will be working on in that block of time. It helps if you put your phone on Airplane mode, disable notifications on your computer and, during your batch work, dedicate your full attention to that one task you are working on.

Break Down your Processes 

Once you have identified the batch items that are your priorities for the given timeframe, check the details of what goes into completing a task. For example, if you are allocating a block of time for social media posts, you will need to make time for writing your captions, researching your hashtags, creating your images. I use Canva Pro to create all my images for social media and blog content. I can easily resize my images and make everything I publish look professional without needing strong design skills. Once I am ready to add my content to the scheduling tool, I run everything through Grammarly to avoid any spelling mistakes. Even if your grammar is good, it is easy to overlook small  typing mistakes etc. and you always want to look pro with your content. 

Schedule It and Stick to It

Consider your upcoming deadlines while creating your batch work. When you map out your upcoming sales activities, promotions, content creation needs, product launch, podcast recording, video editing etc., the best is to sit down and look through your week or month and see where that work will serve the highest purpose. Once you've created your plan for batch working, stick to it and show up daily to complete your work according to your schedule.

Batch working will give you the mental space you need for creativity and high efficiency. In the beginning, you may feel a bit regimented by the new way of working, but give it a go, and in no time, you will feel that this is the best way to get your work done without overwhelm and burnout.

Creating content should always be fun. After all, this is your opportunity to build a connection with your audiences and share your brand story. You've started your business for a reason, and you want to share your skills, experience and expertise with the world.

When you work in batches, your newfound productivity will help you feel more confident, much more organised and accomplished! If you need more help with content creation, download this Quickstarter Guide on how to create content with impact