How to Create Scroll-Stopping Content on Instagram for Beginners

instagram social media Jan 11, 2022
Instagram Templates for Beginners

Creating amazing-looking content on Instagram takes time and effort. If you are working from scratch, you probably spent hours trying to coordinate your brand colours, fonts and images so that they look well-oiled together. 


Creating Consistent Content 

If you were wondering how to create your content quickly and with ease without spending a lot of time crafting your Instagram design? The answer is easy: by using Instagram templates. 


Instagram Templates 

Working with a set of templates can speed up your work immensely while you will also feel confident about sharing content that looks unified and represents your brand with clarity. 

If you’re here just for the templates, download my 8 free High-Converting Instagram templates here. If you want to learn more about how to and why to use these templates, read on! 




What Are Instagram Templates

Instagram templates are pre-made, almost ready to-to design layouts that you can adjust to your own needs to create post tiles and Stories. When thinking about templates, there are two options: you can create your own templates from scratch or by using pre-made templates. 


Why Should You Use Instagram Templates?

You should use Instagram templates to create a consistent story for your content and your brand. By working with the same set of templates, you can easily stay consistent and share content with which your target audience can associate right away with your brand. 

Pre-made Instagram templates have the same overall style, and you can clearly see that the various template pieces belong together by having the same font types, colours, layouts, filters, and the same type of images. 


How to Get Started with Instagram Templates

Simply go to my link and download your set of free, High-Converting Instagram templates and open them in Canva. I use Canva Pro, which makes a fairly big difference in the variety of photos I have access to. Still, even the free version of Canva will give you access to plenty of fantastic pictures and design elements that you will be able to use to create amazing-looking posts. Swap out the colours and fonts to what you use for your brand and find a couple of images that help to tell your story the best way. Add your logo where needed, and you are ready to go!




If you are looking for tips on how to create your written content for social media posts easily and quickly, download my Quickstarter Guide to Creating Content with Impact.