How to Get 10+ Invites to Pinterest Group Boards Quickly

pinterest social media Dec 07, 2021
Get Invited to Pinterest Group Boards

If you are just starting out with Pinterest, you will find that group invites can be challenging. If you were told already to check out to solve this particular problem and you did it, but did not find a solution you were after, you are not alone. I did the same, joined Pingroupie and heard crickets. Nothing happened even after I sent out a bunch of emails. I was disappointed but decided to do some research and see what else can be done. 

In October 2021, I wasn't part of any groups, and only six weeks later, if you check out my account, you will find that I am part of 8 different group boards with hundreds to thousands of followers each.   

The Strategy That Works

After extensive research, I came to the conclusion that the best platform to use for building my Pinterest network is Tailwind. Tailwind helps to schedule your pins, but more importantly, you can track who pinned your pins and where they pinned them. You can access it by going to Monitor Your Domain > Organic Activity.

Once you see the group boards, you can reach out to the group board owners and request to be added to that particular group board. I send a personalized message to each group owner so that they know right away that I am serious about Pinterest and also that I will commit to post and repost on that group board. The message I send is along these lines: "Hi Kelly, I noticed that one of your collaborators (or you -as the group board owner) just pinned one of my pins onto your group board – Female Entrepreneurs. I would love to join your group board and contribute valuable content if you're accepting new collaborators. Let me know, thanks!"


How to Find Pinterest Group Boards to Join

With this strategy, you can collect quite a few invitations within a short timeframe. So, if you are ready to join some group board, start researching and sending these simple messages to the owners. Don't get discouraged if you don't hear back from people right away. Keep on messaging and you will see, that within a couple of days you will see some positive feedback. Of course I need to mention it here, that all of the above works when your pins look great and you are committed to high-quality content. Make sure your pins are fresh and the pin design represents who you are as a brand and what you do. If you are not sure how to create amazing pins without design skills, go check out Canva . You will find plenty of ready-to-use templates where all you have to do is to switch out your images and change the colours and perhaps the fonts to make it look like part of your brand. However, the outcome will be sharp, stylish and attractive to other pinners.


Find Group Boards within your Niche

The simplest solution is to find users who are already part of various group boards, and instead of searching for group boards, you try to join the group boards from these more established, more connected users. If these users are collaborators in 20+ groups, you can easily reach out to all of those groups boards to see where you would be a good fit. You can do this with a very easy and quick message: "Hi Darlene, are you accepting new collaborators for your group board "Content Creators" at this time? I have many relevant pins to contribute to your board and share with your followers and readers. Let me know. Thanks". High-quality pins help increase board engagement, and it is a win-win for both you and the group board owner.

Once you get invited and accepted into many group boards, you can regularly share your (fresh) content on all these boards. Ultimately, this will help you get an increase in repins and followers, and you will also notice the invites coming in without having to approach others. 


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