How To Keep Your Marketing Consistent And Attract Clients During COVID-19

digital marketing Apr 15, 2020

The global pandemic known as COVID-19 is affecting people and businesses all around the world. We’re living in a time of complete uncertainty and many businesses are left wondering how they are going to survive this unprecedented situation. The biggest problem businesses experience at times like these is how to adapt their marketing strategies and attract clients.

A global crisis can either debilitate a marketing team or practices can be put into place to help your business stay afloat and maybe even thrive. Here are some helpful tips for businesses to consider during the events that have rocked the global economy.


 How To Keep Your Marketing Consistent During COVID-19


1. Send The Right Message

Taking the right actions and sending the right message can be challenging, but it’s essential. You need to take a look at your product/service and think about aspects that your target market are most likely to resonate with during these times. Customers are looking to their trusted brands for guidance and clarity.

It’s important to offer your clients as much empathy as possible, whilst still adhering to your brand voice. There is no need to pretend that all is normal. Rather, address the issue directly and let your clients know that you understand what is going on. That said, you don’t want to come across as being negative. Ensure that your message is positive and personal.

One good example is of a car company in Canada that has changed one of its TV ads to say “This is where we normally would show you our great new models, but instead we want to thank the doctors and nurses for…”


2. Keep Open Lines Of Communication

During times of uncertainty, people receive mixed messages from everywhere. As a business, it’s important that you keep communication lines clear and to-the-point so that you can differentiate yourself from all the chaos and noise.

It’s all about staying in touch with your clients. You can’t suddenly go silent during a crisis and expect your customers to still be there once things “go back to normal.” When you communicate with customers is as important as what you communicate – STAY IN TOUCH!

Whether it’s publishing new articles, staying active on social media, or sending out emails to clients – be there! You want your current clients to remember you and even pique the interest of potential clients.


3. Adapt Your Marketing Plan

Good marketing is all about having a thorough understanding of your target market. It’s important to remember that context is the key element in everything your brand does. Marketing efforts needed to be adapted to the current climate. Whether it’s adding an extra service, offering a discount, or creating online resources, find a way to be more relevant and accessible to your audience.

More than ever people need human connection – so find a way to connect with your clients in a way that moves them. We can’t go to events or gatherings, but we can still connect. Think about holding video conferences or events or even just sharing information through blog posts.

Clients are looking to brands for answers at the moment. So share your opinion, listen to what challenges your customers are facing, and understand how you can improve your brand and the value it adds to their lives… Now is the perfect time to invest in your customer community.


4. Stay Relevant

In times of crisis, many companies’ first instinct is to cut back on marketing costs. While we are living in a time of complete uncertainty and everyone is trying their best to be cautious, it’s important to understand that maintaining a presence is most crucial during these times.

Social media channels offer a unique opportunity for engaging with your audience. With so many people spending a lot more time at home, you can expect your clients to be spending more time online. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience on a different level – be there for them and show them that you care. Chances are, they will still be there when this is all over.