How to Write Your Blog Posts Like a Pro with Grammarly

content marketing productivity Dec 28, 2021

Blog content, if written well, has the power to drive significant traffic to your website. A well-written article can build confidence and trust with your readers while you are sharing about something that is your expertise. You might be very knowledgeable about your niche. However, if the content you create is peppered with grammatical errors, your readers probably will opt-out hearing from you. Let alone commissioning you with work.


When Aiming for Perfection

One sure way to guarantee that your content is in perfect shape when you hit the publish button is to run it through Grammarly, my favourite spellchecker. I use Grammarly to check my blog posts and my website content, course pages, and all my email marketing content that I create in KajabiGrammarly goes beyond just fixing spelling mistakes, and it helps to level up your content too.


What Is Grammarly and Why you Need It

Grammarly is a grammar editing tool that you can use to check all your content for various errors, from simple typos and misspelt words to critical errors and not structuring your sentences correctly. Grammarly accurately catches dangling modifiers, phrases that are too complicated, long or too wordy too. It operates with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and helps you rephrase your sentences according to your target audience and the type of content you are writing.


Is Grammarly for you? 

Without hesitation, I can say yes, it is for you… And I don't even know in what capacity you write. Grammarly is beneficial for anyone and everyone who needs to make sure the content they share is professional and error-free. You might be a small business owner who creates social media, blog content and sends our newsletters regularly. You can also be a freelancer blog writer, a student or if you are just in the process of writing and self-publishing your book. Grammarly is a tool for native English speakers or someone who learned English as a second or third language. You can set British/Australian or American spell checking to catch your errors according to what market your content is dedicated to.


Style Editor 

I touched on this topic above, but as it is one of my favourite features, I want to elaborate on the style editor. You can set the writing style depending on your audience and formality and the audience as general, knowledgeable or expert. Your formality can be informal, neutral or formal. You can also set how strict you want your content to be edited with an additional setting. The options go from academic to business, technical, general, creative or casual. These settings will allow Grammarly to make educated suggestions so that your content reads well in different settings. While confident writers may default to writing in passive voice, everyday content such as social media content, blog posts and newsletter contents written in active voice are easier to read. 


What Grammarly Checks in Your Content

First of all, I am giving you the big picture: it runs a spellchecker, detects consistency issues, overall readability and clarity of the text. When going into grammatical details, you can expect its artificial intelligence to pick up on the following details: 

  • Incorrect verb tense
  • Comma splices
  • Prepositional phrase issues
  • Squinting, or dangling modifiers
  • Run-on sentences
  • Sentence structure
  • Tautology
  • Tone detector
  • Using too many adverbs
  • Misuse of words like lie/lay
  • Wordiness and lengthy sentences
  • Unclear antecedent
  • Plagiarism
  • Punctuation


How to Use Grammarly

You can use it in Microsoft Word with an add-in. It is highly convenient, and the corrections appear directly in the content. You can use its web version, which operates like any other website. You just go to, log into your account, and you are good to go. Through the Brower extension, you can install Grammarly in your email provider, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Docs, Salesforce, and of course, use it on your mobile phone. You are never without an option to perfect your content.


Free or Premium Version? Does the Premium worth it?

In short, yes, it is most certainly worth it. However, you don't have to commit to anything first, and you can try the free version first and see if it is enough. The free version checks for basic spelling and grammatical mistakes and punctuation. It catches most of the basic mistakes; however, if you want your content to look high-quality and polished, I recommend investing in the Premium version.


Grammarly goes well beyond just a grammar checker, and with its help, you can create content that engages and entertains your audience on a professional level. It not only catches your mistakes, but it also helps you improve your writing, and with time, you will make fewer mistakes. I write much more precisely, use fewer passive sentences and don't create mile-long explanations. If you are working on your writing skills, you most likely be interested in this recent article about How to Create Your Content with Impact. 

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