7 Social Media Strategies That Actually Work & You See The Results

social media Jul 13, 2021

The number of internet users since 1990 has increased by a whopping 131 thousand percent. This means that most of the content we see, whether it’s news, entertainment, or general information, is also online. This incredible increase in online activity also means that it’s about 131 thousand times more difficult to get noticed. Or is it?


What Social Media Strategies Deliver Results? 

When it comes to social media, a lot of time even the untrained eye can tell when something is ‘working’ and when it isn’t. But why something works (or doesn’t) isn’t always so obvious. In a time where attention is the scarcest resource, it’s time take matters in your own hands. Here are some social media strategies that actually work:


  1.  UGC, Testimonials, And Emotions 

The quintessence of any successful social media endeavour is user engagement. Social media is the most recent form of human communication— and like with any conversation, in order for it to be enjoyable for everyone, it must go both ways. This is why UGC, or user-generated content, results in so much success. UGC can mean anything from pictures and videos to client testimonials— it’s even better if the content elicits strong positive feelings, like warmth or inspiration. One company that does this extremely well is Enchroma, the company that produces glasses which allow colourblind people to see colours for the first time.

Seeing a new colour is an unimaginable experience for most people— but since its launch and rise to popularity just a few years ago, millions have witnessed this soul-defining moment in videos online. This content hits all three nails right on the head: It’s a user-generated client testimonial that undeniably elicits a strong emotional response from viewers.


  1. Livestreaming And Interactive Posts

This brings us to another important point: interactivity. That means livestreams, and unique interactive content like virtual reality. The museum trips I remember with most fondness and detail are the ones where I was an active participant with the exhibition, most of the time by being able to touch instead of merely look. People remember the things they can relate to the most. Pro-tip: Quizzes are an excellent and highly popular way to get people involved with your content!


  1. Infographics

And while we’re on the subject of memory, what do we tend to remember more: pictures, or text? The answer is pictures— by a long shot. Within that category, Infographics! No need to peruse for excruciating tens of seconds to get the information we came for. In an infographic, it’s colourful, it’s obvious, it’s memorable, and above all, it’s shareable. Research shows that an infographic is almost three times more likely to be shared than video content.


4. Lists! Lists! Lists! 

After infographics, list posts are the most shared form of social media content. It’s becoming more and more apparent that we as a society have a collective attention span of an amoeba. That means that the quicker we can get to the information we are looking for, the higher the chance that we will read and share its source. They also provide the reader with the shortcuts they to find exactly what they are looking for, making them an attractive post type for all audiences.

  1. Podcasts And Webinars

Everybody likes to get more bang for their buck. In terms of cost-benefit ‘worth it’-ness, podcasts and webinars are a great source to put out there. Podcasts have greatly increased in popularity over the past few years, and they are easy to share on other platforms with some minor tweaking.

Webinars, like livestreams, can have an air of exclusivity— a specific time to tune in, special guest speakers, etcetera. To gain a following, you can also create a shareable version, and ask others to sign up via email so they can catch the live show. The appeal of webinars is accessibility— being a part of a community from the comfort of your own home.


  1. E-Books And Guides

While these options may require some seed money for promotional purposes, they are an excellent way to gather more of a following and put your name out there. Paid promotion is not a requirement but it might be necessary to get the ball rolling. But once it’s rolling, it becomes that much easier to reach the target niche.


  1. Newsworthy Content

This is a tricky one. In terms of numbers, news posts reign overall. What’s tricky about it is that only big news organizations have the ability to make their content shareable to a successful degree. If you are just starting out, it is not worth trying to be the one to ‘break’ the news. Instead, if you have your own small niche of things you post about, it is all the more likely that the news you break will reach and resonate with your target audience.

Contrary to popular belief, being successful on social media takes much more than shocking headlines that generate traffic. Sure, we all click on outrageous titles from unreliable sources sometimes, but the platforms and websites we actually stick with produce quality content in a dependable fashion. And this is by no means an exhaustive list! Find out what works best for you, but don’t be afraid to innovate your approach. Even in today’s hectic online world, it’s possible to gain a following through consistency, quality, and a bit of creativity.


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