The Best Strategies to Get Your Emails Opened

email marketing list building Mar 15, 2022

If you've been writing emails to your target audience for a while or just getting started, the first questions that will pop into your mind: How will I get my emails opened? How to avoid ending up in junk mail? What makes a difference when people choose to open and read my email? These are all relevant questions, and there is an art to writing emails that get opened.


The Best Strategies to Get Your Emails Opened


Whenever I'm creating an email, first, I research potential subjects and pick a topic that is highly relevant to my audience. After the email is written, I double-check to ensure the article delivers what it promises at the beginning. There's no right and wrong way, but it is essential to offer value with clarity, talk about a timely topic and create something relevant. 


Your Subject Lines

Email content is a little bit different from blog posts. The most significant part of your newsletter is your subject line. The subject lines need to capture your audience's attention and make them want to open and read your emails. What's more, these subject lines need to be short and sweet because they have to fit within a specific character limit.


What You Need Is Intriguing Subject Lines! 

  • Question about (your goal): Simplicity works incredibly well in email content marketing.
  • Don't open this email unless...(your goal)! This statement will pique your customer's interest, and they'll want to see what's inside. 
  • Top 5 Tips for (subject topic); take a look at the problem you are solving for the customer and condense it into tips. 


Avoid Ending Up In The Junk 

Imagine spending hours writing the perfect email for your customers only for them not to receive it? That's because your email fell victim to the spam filters. That means your email has been hidden from the eyes of your customers by Google or Random email filters. 

The main reason legitimate emails end up in the spam filters is the words used in the mail. According to research, less than 69% of business emails make it to potential customers. Also, the use of 'free' and 'hidden' somehow pushes your email directly into the spam list. 

Therefore, if you are emailing your customers to let them know about a free webinar or class, there's a high chance they won't get it. However, informative emails instead of promotions are more likely to pique the interest of your target audience anyway. 


Avoiding Unsubscribes

How do you avoid people hitting that unsubscribe button? There's no way you could market to your clients if they hit that unsubscribe button. Unfortunately, they happen, and it's often because your potential customers aren't interested in what you are offering anymore. This happens, so it is important to continuously build your email list because it is unavoidable to lose some people along the way. However, other factors may influence your readers to unsubscribe, such as: 

  • They have too many emails, and they want to manage their mails better
  • You, unfortunately, did not make the right impression 
  • You went too far with trying to sell, sell, sell instead of offering value to your readers 
  • The emails don't provide any or enough value to them
  • The emails are too long, and they feel they don't have the time to read them. 


Use A Platform To Manage Your Emails 

It is critical to write your emails on a platform that allows you to create beautifully designed emails quickly and efficiently. More importantly where you can track how your readers handle your emails. I use Kajabi because, after lengthy research, I found that Kajabi was the one that offered the most comprehensive solution for creating emails, building efficient email sequences, tagging my subscribers, tracking opening rates and subscriptions. If you want to learn more about Kajabi, check out this post about Is Kajabi Worth it? 4 Reasons I Moved to Kajabi



All in all, the best way to approach email marketing is by being your most authentic self. Your customers will notice that because they signed up for your emails in the first place to learn more about you and your business. If you are new to building your email list, head over this recent article about Why You Need to Build Your Email List


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