Top 5 Reasons to Create Your Online Course

course creation kajabi Dec 14, 2021
Top 5 Reasons to Create Your Online Course

If you’ve been looking up ways to leverage your skills and knowledge towards a real career from home, you’ve probably stumbled upon blog posts and ads galore telling you to start an online course. 

With online courses being recommended so frequently, you may think that there’s a catch, or that the market is too saturated for you to make your mark. However, that’s simply not true, and we can prove it.


Five Reasons to Create an Online Course:


Leverage Your Knowledge into Income

First and foremost, the primary reason for creating an online course is that you get to use all the things you already know in a specific field to generate income directly. Let's say you're a single mum who spent your pre-motherhood life as an HR professional. You have years of hands-on experience and qualifications you can use to teach would-be HR professionals, help job seekers prepare, or do any number of other things. With a bit of effort and a string of informative videos, you can turn that knowledge into income.


Most importantly, your options aren’t limited. Are you a successful eCommerce professional? Teach others how to open their own store. Did you run a successful blog for years? Teach would-be bloggers how to get started and succeed.


Cement Yourself as an Authority

Making an online course is a great option for business professionals, too. Not only can you leverage your experience and turn it into extra revenue, but you can also show would-be clients that you’re an authority in your field. This automatically elicits confidence from higher-profile clients, and it lends weight to the statements and claims you make in your marketing material. In short, it proves that you’re a pro, and you know what you’re talking about.


Larger Reach with Higher Profile Clients

Your course isn't just an informative piece. It also puts your business's name and service out there more professionally and credibly. This works as a form of marketing for higher-profile clients.


Business Expansion

If you already have a small business started, adding a course to your lineup of revenue channels is an easy-to-execute, yet highly fruitful expansion option.

It allows you to step out of your main business concept a bit and offer a completely new service in the form of educational content, but it doesn’t force you to stray from your industry and become overwhelmed or out of focus.


Address a Price-Wary Client Base

If you’re offering a service based on consultation or some other form of hands-on guidance, an online course makes perfect sense. Not every client can afford hands-on help, but you can offer a more cost-effective option with pre-recorded videos via an online course; as well as special Q+A sessions or other valuable features occasionally. This allows you to target a more price-wary crowd without taking too much time from your main business model.


Don’t Take My Word for it; There are Success Stories Already

You don’t just have to take my word for it on this one. Plenty of women just like you have leveraged online courses to change their lives entirely.  

For example, Kayse Morris started making over $30,000 within her first few hours. In comparison, her old job as a teacher only made her $38,000 a year. Her course is dedicated to helping teachers perform at their best and make a bigger impact.

Does that sound a bit inaccessible? Well, Doris Cho has done the same without any fancy education. She turned her Instant Pot recipes and cooking tip videos into a highly successful online course over on Kajabi.


No matter what you’re a pro at, an online course can turn your passion into a viable business venture, or help you expand your already successful business. If you are ready to turn your expertise or passion in to an online course but not sure what platform to choose for your course hosting, go and check out my recent article about why I chose Kajabi: Is Kajabi Worth It? Top 5 Reasons I Moved to Kajabi.