How To Grow On Instagram From Scratch?

digital marketing instagram Nov 02, 2021

Grow it with Dollar Eighty, it is organic and manual growth. Dollar Eighty works, but it takes time. You have to have persistence and patience. Do your work and post personalised and consistent comments, with genuine responses and interaction with other accounts. Over time, you will begin to notice your following and your engagement steadily growing.

The magic keyword is “Genuine connection” – you want to build genuine connections with your target audiences. When people see your thoughtful comments on their accounts, they will be more inclined to engage with you than when you are just posting short, generic comments and emojis only.


Don’t Try To Grow Your Account Without Content… This Should Be An Obvious Thing But Let Me Explain: 

Commenting and engaging with other accounts is key to your success on Dollar Eighty. You also need to ensure that your account looks in top shape. You have to put out quality content regularly so that when others visit your account, they want to connect with you too.


Here Is Your Dollar Eighty Action Plan For The First Month: 

Download the Chrome extension and create your account. Dollar Eighty only works on desktop, but hopefully, just for now and later, we will have more options…


Week 1: Warming Things Up!

You’ve downloaded the Dollar Eighty extension and got your account. Let’s get to work! Download the Dollar Eighty Calendar and you can either fill it in digitally or print it out. The calendar will guide you through your first month as a Dollar Eighty Premium user.

During the first week, the plan is that you set up two different Target Collections and switch between them each day. This will help you explore a variety of content you engage with. During the first week, you should check out the Explore page, your Activity and the Leaderboards and familiarise yourself with how the software works. For the first week, take things slow and leave only 20 comments a day.


Week 2: Focus On Your Premium Features

Build some consistency in your commenting efforts and go ahead, create a 3rd and 4th Target Collection. This step will help you get access to a wide variety of content. Join some Groups according to your niche and interests.


Week 3: Get Creative

Keep on commenting and adjust your targets as you go. You will see some work better than others, and it is okay to change and adapt them at any time. Visit your History page for inspiration, and if you haven’t already, add some Location targets to find content relating to specific locations.


Week 4: See Your Account Growth

Track your progress weekly and after having used the software for a month, check through your journey. Where did you find the best quality content to engage with? Were there hashtags, locations and accounts that performed exceptionally well? Or much less than you expected? Adjust the underperforming targets and find better replacements.



Dollar Eighty can make a very positive difference in your Instagram game, but you have to make sure you put in quality time and effort. Personalised comments and consistency are the absolute keys to success. If you found this article helpful, feel free to save it, share it, and pin it for later. If you want to learn more about Instagram, go and check out this recent article about How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm.